Exterior Services

We begin with a thorough inspection at which time we familiarize ourselves with the scope of work to be completed. After inspection of the work, a written proposal is provided to ensure exact cost. DrawHomer Painting strives to provide the highest quality at the best possible prices. Paint colors can be matched or selected from a wide variety of samples. Draw Homer Painting uses only high quality coatings for exterior painting services. Regardless of the exterior paint option you choose, we complete the following “Industry Best-In-Class” steps to ensure a quality paint job on your home:

Power Washing

An important step prior to painting. All homes have a layer of dirt, mildew, etc., that can only be removed by 2,000 to 3,000 psi power washing. The quality of the job depends on us painting the cleanest surface possible.

roof washing, exterior painting services



All loose paint must be removed. While the joy is not in the scraping step, you will appreciate it when the job is complete! We do this the old-fashioned way by hand with scraping knives and wire brushes. We do this because it is important to have a tight, primable surface. While we are closely looking at your exterior surface, if you need any repairs prior to painting, we have skilled personnel to handle most minor repairs.


Now that the clean surface is exposed, it is time to prime the wood so that it can “accept” the new paint to be applied. We use premium exterior primers to prepare the surface providing a sound foundation for adhesion of the new finish coat. Primer is also used to seal stains as well.


To reduce the flow of air in “typical” areas, we caulk all windows and entrances. All major wood joints are caulked as well. We use 45-yr rated caulk. Homes with wood windows will have loose glazing removed and replaced.

Exterior Painting Services

Now here’s where we take pride in our work, because we do not cut corners on the quality of your paint and the paint job. We use only premium paints like Sherwin Williams or a paint of your choice. Depending on the size and scope of the job, we cannot guarantee that the exterior paint process will take place on consecutive days, however, we allot a one-week time period to complete an exterior project.