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“Homer” by Shawn G. Pacheco

Shawn G. Pacheco is a 39 year old male human that resides in Oakland, CA.

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“Homer” by Harsa

Arantxa Parra Recio (Harsa) is a freelance illustrator and artist born in Spain. She works for varied brands and customers. Her work has appeared in various publications, books and magazines around the world. These last years she has participated in national and international festivals of art in Spain, France and Croatia.

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“Homer” by SAEL

José Alfonso (SAEL) is an artist and designer from Mar Del Plata, Argentina. He exhibited his work in New York and was invited to the BID12 (III Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño in Madrid). SAEL universe brings a message of universal love, unity and positive energy.

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“Homer” by Niwoz

Niwoz (Clermont Ferrand, France) is a 22-year-old visual  artist. He works his fantasy world in detail, usually drawing with black ink.

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“Homer” by GonSaa

GonSaa (Gonzalo Saavedra) is a graphic designer and illustrator from San José, Uruguay. GonSaa is responsible for the graphic art of his own musical project :”Lobo Está?”.

Links: Deviant / Tumblr / Lobo Está?


“Homer” by Ismael Gudiño

Ismael Gudiño a.k.a Ismac (1982) is an illustrator and designer from Salta, Argentina.

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"Holy Beer" by Roland Bossio

Roland Bossio is a graphic designer, illustrator and amateur photographer. He loves art, likes beer and hates the cardboard straw.

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“Maneki-homer” by Andrez

Andrez is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is interested in illustration, graphic design, monsters, music and art.

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“Homerosaurus” by Adrián Lozano

Adrián Lozano (1989) is an illustrator and designer from Asturias, Spain.

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“Homer”, by Daniel Saunders 

Daniel Saunders is an illustrator from Norwich, England.

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